Talk Over RA: Breaking Free from Diet Culture

The #TalkOverRAcampaign encourages Canadians living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) to find their own voice to set up a realistic plan with their health care providers to reach the specific goal treatments.

I am closing my participation in this year's #TalkOverRA awareness campaign with a blog around intuitive eating and breaking free from diet culture.

Diet culture is everywhere. It is constantly in our social media feeds, in our stores, on our TVs, and even at our dinner tables! It can be hard to ignore the constant, harmful narrative that we need to be a certain size to be healthy or the harm caused by labelling of our foods as “healthy and good” or “bad and junk”. It’s no wonder that everyone seems to be searching for the next best diet.

Last year, I introduced you to a number of diets through my On-Trend blog series, some of which were pretty restrictive. A few of those diets may be medically necessary, such as the Autoimmune Protocol Diet or the Low FODMAP Diet. When overseen by a Registered Dietitian or healthcare professional, they can be very helpful in understanding food triggers and managing symptoms. However, if you are considering a restrictive diet for weight loss, it is important to understand that these diets won’t lead to long-term weight loss (1).

In some cases, those highl