On Trend: The Mediterranean Diet "The Anti-Diet"

1. The Mediterranean Diet "The Anti-Diet"

With so many diets out there, each with its own list of benefits for reducing the impacts of inflammatory diseases, it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Over the next few months, I will be taking a closer look at these diets and helping you understand what works, what doesn’t and what might be right for you.

Since May is International Mediterranean Diet Month, I thought, what better way to start off this series than with the #1 doctor recommended diet! The Mediterranean Diet, aka MedDiet, really doesn’t feel like a diet at all. That’s because the much-lauded MedDiet is more of a lifestyle than a deprivation or elimination diet. It focuses on eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats, with moderate consumption of plain fermented dairy products (yogurt, cheese), fish, and lean proteins, and enjoying red meat and refined sugars with less frequency. One of the best features of this diet is the high adherence rate. It is easier to stick with an eating plan when you aren’t feeling deprived.

Why does it work?

While there have been numerous studies that look at the benefits of the MedDiet for the management (and even prevention) of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer; arthritis sufferers often ask me if the MedDiet will help manage their symptoms. More robust research is needed; however, recent studies (