Are Nightshades the Culprit of Your Arthritis Flare-up?

We all know at least one person who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)- a debilitating disease that causes pain, fatigue, stiffness, and joint damage. If the inflammation progresses, RA can also affect other organs such as the lungs, heart, skin, and eyes. At least one out of every 100 Canadians live with RA, and because there is no known cure (or at least I have not received the good news from my rheumatologist), it’s not surprising that many fad diets promise a quick fix for those who suffer. One of these diet trends is to eliminate nightshade vegetables.

Nightshade plants are a part of the Solanaceae family. They got their name because these plants prefer to grow in the shade. Nightshade plants include commonly consumed fruits, vegetables, and spices such as:

· Cayenne

· Paprika

· Eggplants

· Peppers

· Potatoes

· Tomatoes

Should you fight or flight from nightshades?

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