Easy Feta Baked Avocado Egg Inspired by the MedDiet Challenge

Does the New Year inspire you to reconsider your personal health goals or start a new habit altogether? You are not alone; a survey by Ipsos for Urban Plates showed that eating healthier and being more active were the top New Years' resolutions in America. That's a lot of pressure for us, especially when we face competing priorities with family, school, and devious inflammatory conditions. So, what does a baked avocado egg recipe have to do with our resolutions?

This year, Oldways -a non-for profit organization dedicated to inspiring people to embrace and enjoy heritage diets, such as the Mediterranean Diet-, initiated a challenge called "Make Every Day Mediterranean" to promote the benefits of this healthful and delicious lifestyle. I began to follow the meal plan, and the effect on my energy and pain levels has been extremely positive. This challenge inspired the Feta Baked Avocado Egg, and that's when I realized that we could establish a positive habit at any time of the year as long as we set our goals and surround ourselves with positive encouragement.