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Beyond Cannabis: An Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle to Keep Your Body in Balance [Intro Webinar]

Should I talk about Cannabis and its potential anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects? I asked myself that question in January 2021. I followed my fear and turned it into an opportunity.

I am grateful to the educational team from Apollo Cannabis Clinic for supporting me and participating in my first (EVER) webinar.

This webinar was the beginning of my efforts to combine anti-inflammatory nutrition and cannabinoid sciences evidence to enhance my chronic pain management due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Sjogren's Syndrome.

I even created a YouTube Channel to share my webinar.

Download here the summary handouts:

  • Beyond Cannabis: Summary Fact sheet

  • 3-day anti-inflammatory meal plan sample

  • Grocery list for a happy tummy

Beyond Cannabis_ Summary_Factsheet
Download PDF • 751KB
3-day Anti-inflammatory meal plan
Download PDF • 4.65MB
Grocery List for a Happy Tummy
Download PDF • 7.97MB

I hope you continue to walk with me on my healing journey!

Book a Free Thrive with Me Call if you want to know more about my anti-inflammatory nutrition coaching program.


Disclaimer: Cristina Montoya has no financial or intellectual affiliations with any organization, license providers or cannabis clinic. This blog category aims to change the cannabis stigma to relieve chronic pain, improve sleep, and enhance relaxation. Cristina will share personal experiences while incorporating evidenced-based information as available. Cristina DOES NOT provide medical advice. Any information posted in this blog is not intended to substitute the medical advice by your health care provider.


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