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Sjogren's Gut Care Series

The Sjogren's Gut Care Series aims to spark conversations about the impact of Sjogren's on our digestive health. 

Check out the latest videos on my YouTube channel. 

  • Managing constipation

  • Digestive enzymes for Sjogren's

  • Low FODMAP diet and other strategies to manage IBS in SjD


Virtual Sjogren's Summit: 
Sjogren's Gut Instincts

Discover the Gut-Sjogren's Connection and Transform Your Well-being. 

I'm excited to co-host this year's Sjogren's Summit with Dr. Kara Wada..

July 20th-21st, 2024

Coming Soon


Eating Well with Inflammatory Arthritis Group Program

In this program, you will take consistent steps to ease inflammation, minimize nutritional deficiencies, save money with budget-friendly anti-inflammatory meals.


Beat the Sjögren's Bloat 
Online Courses

This series of short courses will help women living with Sjögren’s overcome digestive issues by teaching them strategies to reduce dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, heartburn, and constipation. So, they can find joy in eating again.


Meet your Sjögren's Dietitian
Cristina Montoya RD HCP

I am a Registered Dietitian with over ten years of clinical nutrition experience, a health coach, a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner. I'm a woman living with  Sjögren's and RA for over 20 years.

Cristina empowers women with Sjögren's, arthritis and chronic pain to adopt a wholistic anti-inflammatory lifestyle without unnecessary restrictions.  

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Do you have any questions about the Arthritis Dietitian's Programs?

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