5 Kitchen Gift Ideas for People Living with Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Christmas is the most joyful time of the year, but for many of us living with chronic illnesses and chronic pain this festive season could turn into a real ordeal. I feel devastated whenever I cancel plans with friends or arrive late to an event because the day didn't go as planned. Nonetheless, I relish the time spent in the kitchen, tweaking recipes, testing new flavours, and savouring my creations with my loved ones. As my RA continue to attack my fingers, the deformities has forced me to look for alternative gadgets in the kitchen to continue making the cooking experience enjoyable.

In the book "Chronic Christmas: Surviving the Holidays with a Chronic Illness", Lene Andersen invites friends and family members to help their loved one(s) living with chronic illness to ease the stress of the season by extending a helping hand. A gift to yourself or to a loved one with chronic illness will always brighten up a cloudy day. Here are a few ideas:

1. Stand Mixer

Repetitive movements like stirring add pressure on the